ERIC SCHMITT, Senator for Missouri

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, Senator Eric Schmitt and Senator Jon Ossoff (D-GA) introduced the Military Spouse Career Support Act of 2023 in order to expand eligibility for reimbursement of qualified licensure, certification, and business relocation costs incurred by military spouses, and remove barriers to employment for military families:

“The United States government has an obligation to keep the best interests of our servicemen and servicewomen top of mind – and that includes military spouses. This bill ensures military spouses are eligible for reimbursement should a servicemember choose to transfer to the reserves. Providing an avenue to meaningful employment for servicemembers and military spouses as this bill does is important to maintain quality of life for our servicemembers and hopefully boost retention. I’m pleased to partner with Senator Ossoff on this important bill,” said Senator Eric Schmitt.    

“Military families make tremendous sacrifices in defense of our nation,” Sen. Ossoff said“I’m bringing Republicans and Democrats together to help military spouses have more job flexibility.”


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