ERIC SCHMITT, Senator for Missouri

WASHINGTON – Senator Eric Schmitt recently sent a letter to Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth demanding answers on behalf of thousands of service members who were discharged after not complying with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and the Army’s subsequent letter offering an opportunity to change the characterization of the members’ discharge:

“Mandates imposed during COVID-19 came as the Army faced a struggle to recruit and retain members. Instead of focusing on the lethality of our Army, political leaders forced COVID-19 mandates onto our service members. In 2022, the Army missed its recruitment goals by approximately 15,000 soldiers, or nearly 25%. The Army has referenced a declining trust in the military, and I am convinced that mandates during COVID-19 for vaccinations and masks have made recruits refrain from serving our nation,” said Senator Eric Schmitt. “These mandates certainly harmed our military’s readiness and tragically destroyed the careers of thousands of brave volunteers. These members have faced negative implications for veterans benefits and employment outside of the military. It is likely that most of these former members will never return to the military and serve our nation.”