ERIC SCHMITT, Senator for Missouri

Fighting back against a toxic and divisive DEI agenda in the military, delivering funding for Missouri military installations, and ensuring the armed forces remain focused on confronting global threats were Senator Schmitt’s top priorities in this year’s NDAA.

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Eric Schmitt released a statement following the final passage of the FY2024 National Defense Authorization Act:

“Combatting Joe Biden’s divisive DEI agenda in the military, refocusing our military on lethality and preparedness to confront threats like China, and providing much-needed resources for Missouri military installations were my top objectives heading into this year’s NDAA, and my amendments that made it into the final bill do exactly that. Additionally, critical resources will be allocated to Missouri military bases – bases that are crucial to the defense and preparedness of the United States, including key parts of our nuclear triad. I’m proud to have fought to return the military back to the greatest meritocracy in the world, improve quality of life for our active duty servicemembers, harden our cyber defenses, and protect freedom of speech in this year’s NDAA,” said Senator Eric Schmitt.  


As a freshman Senator, Senator Schmitt was able to secure multiple amendments aimed at confronting Joe Biden’s divisive DEI politics in the military,hardening our cyber defenses, protecting freedom of speech, and providing quality of life improvements for servicemembers and their families:

Resources Going to Missouri in FY24 NDAA:

Senator Schmitt’s amendments included in the final passage include: