ERIC SCHMITT, Senator for Missouri

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Eric Schmitt joined Sens. Roger Marshall (R-KS), J.D. Vance (R-OH), and others to call for the Senate to unanimously pass the House’s standalone Israel aid measure and keep appropriations bills separate:

“We need to separate these issues. Israel has a clear objective, a likelihood of success, broad support – I have yet to hear any of that as it relates to Ukraine. But Senate Democrats are going to object to this and forestall this important aid that our allies in Israel, who are facing a real, existential threat right now, need. Each one of these issues have separate realities on the ground, political support, strategies, likelihood of success – let’s respect that, and let’s respect the will of the American people that we can actually come here and do the important work we were sent here to do, which is to have real debate in what’s supposed to be the most deliberative body in the world,” said Senator Eric Schmitt.