August 24, 2023

Senator Schmitt Tours State: Engaging Constituents, Visiting Businesses, and Touring Military Installations

WASHINGTON — Senator Schmitt used the August state work period to travel Missouri and visit major metro areas, rural counties, and Missouri’s military installations. During this tour, Senator Schmitt engaged with local leaders, discussed small business priorities, listened to issues from constituents, and shared wins he has fought for in the Senate for Missouri: 

“Being on the ground and engaging with the people of Missouri is at the core of my role as a Senator. This tour allowed me to listen and learn from folks across the state. I’m dedicated to working not only for, but with Missouri constituents, families, small businesses, and military leaders to make sure their voices are heard and their needs are met in Washington, ” said Senator Eric Schmitt.


Across the month of August, Senator Schmitt:

  • Toured Carlisle Construction in Sikeston, Missouri,
  • Attended the Sikeston Rodeo,
  • Met with business leaders in Springfield,
  • Visited Whiteman Air Force Base to tour the B-2 Spirit program, listen to base leadership relating to the placement of the upcoming B-21 Raider, and tout NDAA wins,
  • Attended the State Fair, including stops the Governor’s Ham Breakfast, the Missouri Farm Bureau Press Conference, the Pork Place, the Missouri Cattlemen’s Building, the Gerken Dairy Center, and more,
  • Met with business leaders in Kansas City,
  • Toured the Kansas City National Security Campus to tout NDAA funding for stockpile modernization,
  • Stopped for some world-famous Arthur Bryant’s BBQ,
  • Visited Rosecrans Air National Guard base to meet base leadership, tout NDAA wins, and listen to their needs relating to the placement of C-130J aircraft.

See photos from all of Senator Schmitt’s stops here.