December 6, 2023

Senator Schmitt Statement on Potential Vote on Foreign Aid Supplemental

WASHINGTON – Senator Schmitt released a statement on the recently unveiled foreign aid emergency supplemental:

“Allowing minimal time for members to consider a 167-page proposal aimed to spend over $100 billion dollars is emblematic of everything that is wrong with how Washington functions. I’ve been eminently clear about what needs to be done: each foreign aid funding request must be separated and considered, debated, and voted on individually. Schumer is hellbent on tying together billions of dollars of wholly unrelated aid requests while completely ignoring the fact that each of these conflicts or situations has different circumstances, likelihoods of success, and support from the American people. Further, the border security provisions included in the supplemental don’t actually do anything to fix the issue at our border, and spending money to house illegal immigrants in hotels is throwing gasoline on the fire. As it stands now, I will be voting no on cloture on this foreign aid supplemental,” said Senator Eric Schmitt.


Senator Schmitt has advocated in the past for the Senate to consider funding bills individually:

  • On November 14thSenator Schmitt called for the Senate to unanimously pass standalone Israel aid bill & separate aid packages.
  • In October, Senator Schmitt released a statement calling for individual votes on Biden’s supplemental appropriations request.