February 13, 2024

Senator Schmitt Statement on Foreign Aid Supplemental Bill

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Eric Schmitt released a statement following Chuck Schumer’s actions to ram a massive spending bill through the Senate in the early morning hours with little debate, and no transparency:

“This entire process has been an unmitigated disaster. I’ve said for months and months that each of the funding requests should be separate to allow for individual debate and review, provide our constituents with full transparency, and ensure we’re being good stewards of taxpayer money. I’m proud to have joined with my colleagues on the Senate floor to try to stop this bill, but Chuck Schumer was hellbent on ramming through one funding massive bill when nobody was looking, and the obsession with sending $60 billion to secure other countries’ borders before our own is completely disconnected with the will of the American people. The Senate was once known as the world’s greatest deliberative body, but Chuck Schumer has led us far away from that moniker with his brinksmanship politics. I proudly voted ‘no,’ and I will continue to lead the fight against funding requests being mashed together into these massive spending bills and the fight for transparency.”


  • Senator Schmitt introduced an amendment to this bill, which was not included in final passage, that would provide aid to Israel, paid for by cuts to the IRS.
  • Senator Schmitt spoke on the Senate floor about this bill multiple times the past few days, you can watch those speeches herehere, and here.