May 2, 2024

Senator Schmitt, Senator Ossoff Introduce Bipartisan Think Differently Database Act

WASHINGTON – Recently, Senator Eric Schmitt, alongside Senator John Ossoff (D-GA), introduced the bipartisan Think Differently Database Act to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to create a comprehensive website that provides much-needed resources to benefit those with intellectual disabilities:

“Those with disabilities deserve the best care possible, and many families of those with an intellectual disability aren’t aware of the resources that are available to them. My son, Stephen, has disabilities and was my driving force for running for public office in the first place. A website like this would vastly benefit so many. I am proud to sponsor this bill alongside Senator Ossoff,” said Senator Eric Schmitt.

“Working alongside Senator Schmitt, I’m bringing Republicans and Democrats together to help Georgia families and families nationwide identity and access resources for people with disabilities,” said Senator John Ossoff.


  • The Think Differently Database Act directs the Secretary of HHS to create a website that includes:
    • Federal and state resources available for those with intellectual disabilities.
    • Resources that connect individuals, families, and caregivers with healthcare, mental health, and other community-based services within state Medicaid programs.
    • A zip code feature that helps individuals locate resources in their community.
  • Read the full bill attached.