April 16, 2024

Senator Schmitt Questions Air Force Leadership on C-130J Placement and Rosecrans ANG Base, Potential A-10 Replacement, and DEI in the Air Force

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Eric Schmitt questioned Department of the Air Force leaders on the current posture of the United States Air Force and questioned Air Force leadership regarding the role of divisive DEI positions in the U.S. Air Force:



  • In the hearing, Senator Schmitt also advocated for Missouri priorities, including the follow-on mission for the 442nd Air Force Reserve Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, as well as pressed Secretary Kendall on the need for new C-130Js at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base.
  • This past February the Department of the Air Force unveiled sweeping plans for reshaping, refocusing, and reoptimizing the Air Force and Space Force to ensure continued supremacy in all domains to prevail in the era of Great Power Competition.
  • Senator Schmitt has been consistent in fighting to place new C-130J airplanes at Rosecrans Air National Guard Base.
  • Senator Schmitt is also actively working to secure a follow-on flying mission for the 442nd Fighter Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base after their A-10 fighters are divested. 
  • Senator Schmitt has been a leading voice in the Senate on rooting out divisive DEI from traditionally nonpartisan institutions such as the armed services and the federal government.