October 4, 2023

Senator Schmitt Joins Senator Ricketts in Call to Keep Senate in Session Until All Spending Bills are Debated and Passed

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Eric Schmitt joined Senator Pete Ricketts (R-NE) in urging Majority Leader Schumer to keep the Senate in session until all appropriations bills have been debated and passed: 

“When I was elected to the Senate, I made a promise to Missourians: I wouldn’t just go along with business as usual. Washington is broken and we can’t fix it with last minute deals negotiated by a few. Washington has debated deadlines and not dollars at the last minute, and real people are impacted. We need to find real, structural reforms to our budget process so we never shut down again, and that includes debating each individual appropriations bill separately. The Senate should stay in session to avoid another last-minute shutdown,” said Senator Eric Schmitt.

The letter was signed by Senators Pete Ricketts (R-NE), Deb Fischer (R-NE), John Barrasso (R-WY), Katie Boyd Britt (R-AL), Ted Budd (R-NC), John Cornyn (R-TX), Bill Hagerty (R-TN), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), Rick Scott (R-FL) John Thune (R-SD), and Roger Wicker (R-MS).

Read the full letter.