October 10, 2023

Senator Schmitt Joins Senate Republican Colleagues in Letter of Support for Israel, Calls for End of Concessions to Iran

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Eric Schmitt joined several Senate Republicans in a letter supporting Israel amid the current state of war as well as restricting access to funding for Iran:

“Israel is our strongest democratic ally in the Middle East, and Iran has supported numerous efforts to destroy the country of Israel entirely. Iran cannot be allowed fund terrorist organizations such as Hamas without consequences, and deal making with the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism undercuts America’s position as a global leader. Joe Biden continues reject the reality that the Iranian regime has no intention of ever negotiating in good faith, and he instead continues to embolden adversaries like Iran with lucrative concessions. The world is safer when America is projecting strength on a world stage, and not bargaining with those who seek to subdue a democratic way of life.” said Senator Eric Schmitt.


The letter specifically:
·         Reaffirms the United States standing relationship with Israel.
·         Calls on the State Department to freeze the accounts in Qatar containing $6 billion in Iranian funds that were released from South Korean accounts in September by the Biden Administration.

Read the full letter here.