May 25, 2023

Senator Schmitt and Congressman Alford Send Letter to Treasury Department to Protect Whiteman Air Force Base

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, Senator Eric Schmitt and Congressman Mark Alford (MO-04) sent a letter to Assistant Secretary of Treasury Paul Rosen regarding the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’ (CFIUS) decision to leave Whiteman Air Force Base off their recent ruling:

“It’s no secret that China and other adversaries are becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to surveil our military activities, installations, and personnel here in America. Omitting Whiteman Air Force Base from CFIUS‘s rule to protect communities surrounding military installations is extremely concerning,” said Senator Eric Schmitt. “Whiteman Air Force Base is one of the most strategically important military installations in the world, and protecting its surrounding community is critical. I’m joining Rep. Alford in calling for the Treasury Department to immediately afford Whiteman Air Force Base the protection it needs.” 

“While I do not believe foreign adversaries should be allowed to purchase farmland anywhere in America, this rule is especially worrisome. As a key pillar of the nuclear triad, Whiteman Air Force base must be protected at all costs. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’ (CFIUS) decision to leave Whiteman off their rule that would amend Section 721 of the Defense Production Act is disappointing, to say the least. I urge this Administration to immediately reconsider their decision and add the necessary safeguards for Whiteman Air Force Base,” said Congressman Mark Alford

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